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''A place to find an everlasting jewellery. Something to keep and to fill your heart with joy."


Beads Ink Jewellery is an online store specialized in handmade accessories, founded in 2013 from the passion of two sisters whom always have a heart for accessories.

The name Beads Ink came from an idea that every piece of our jewellery should has its own story written within. As a concept attached to each of our product, the story brings out an added value to our uniquely design and handcrafted jewellery.

Like writing a story is created by ink, a series of accessories are created by beads, producing a one of a kind, specially made, a conceptual jewellery to complete your whole looks and make you feel effortlessly special by wearing our collection.

From simple to statement, from ethnic to glamour, find the perfect story for you in our stylish collections.

A touch of beads to brighten up the day!

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